Action Learning Facilitator Training

Professional Development Programme in Action Learning Facilitation with ILM Endorsed ILM recognisedAward

3-day Programme


This experiential course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to facilitate their own Sets. The Action Learning format used is based on the model originally devised by Reg Revans.

From Day 1 of the course and throughout the three days, participants work together in their own Action Learning group or ‘Set’ and experience each of the Set roles (problem Presenter, Set member and Facilitator).  This enables participants to gain a deep understanding of how, when they subsequently use Action Learning, they can help participants to make the most effective use of this approach.

During the course, each participant has two turns to facilitate the training Set, receiving feedback from the trainers and from fellow participants.  This quickly builds skills and confidence, so that by the end of the course participants feel confident and capable about assuming the facilitator role.

At regular intervals during the three days, time is allocated for ‘teach points’ focusing on relevant theory and skills.  We also regularly reflect on the ‘process’, in order to draw out the learning from each stage.  Note: The course assumes some experience in working with teams or groups, but no previous experience of Action Learning is required.


Participants will learn:

  • Action Learning theory and practice
  • The skills necessary to use Action Learning in a variety of situations, e.g with peers
  • The roles and responsibilities within a Set
  • The format used for successful Action Learning meetings
  • How to use a simple problem-solving model (GROW) in an Action Learning context
  • Applications of Action Learning, including the transferrable skills
  • How to create and maintain an optimal learning environment for all Set members

Participant Numbers and Timings

This course is designed for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants.  Timings will be 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.  Please note that this is an intensive course and it is important that participants can attend each of the days in full.

Precourse Preparation

There will be around half an hour of pre-course work.  There will also be approximately 1 hour’s homework which participants will be expected to do in their own time in the evening of Day 1.

Participants’ Comments

“Wow! ….. what an amazing 3 days …. so intense, so purposeful, so thought provoking and so very skilfully delivered by Jan and Mollie  – thank you so very much.”
Clare Fellows, Project Manager, ‘Aspire to Inspire’, Black Country Partnership for Care

“I can see there will be many opportunities to use the learning in the workplace, with many different groups.  (The trainers are) very motivating and knowledgeable – a credit to the learning community.  A good balance of learning and fun, with great insight into what is important in a group.”
Sarah King, Human Resources, Jobcentre Plus

“A concise yet concentrated guide to action learning sets which made optimum learning use of all the sessions.  One got the impression that Sue and Jan have been developing and improving this course over many years and it is probably one of the best around.”
Nick Napper, Learning and Development Officer, Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust

“I now feel fully prepared to introduce Action Learning Sets into the organisation and feel confident that they will be able to be used effectively by many people. Jan and Sue are excellent trainers and I would highly recommend this course.”
Richard Green, Employee Development Officer, Bath and North East Somerset Social Services

“The training has given us a lot of confidence to carry out action learning ourselves as facilitators.  The trainers created a very relaxed atmosphere, which enabled us to really learn – and feel that we could make mistakes and learn from them.”
Sue Smith, Project Manager, Lancaster University Management School

“I thought that this course was well planned, thoughtfully constructed and flexibly delivered.  It allowed participants to derive a wealth of learning from practice that took place in a supportive and encouraging environment. I found the event to be thought-provoking, illuminating – and enormous fun!  I certainly came away feeling informed and inspired, ready to take my experience from the two days and apply it at work.

I was hugely impressed by Sue and Jan as facilitators of this event. They showed great expertise as trainers, managing the programme superbly well.”
Mark Cole, Head of Learning and Development, Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust

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