Introduction to Action Learning

Team of fiveHalf-Day or 1-Day Workshop


This experiential workshop is designed for people who intend to join Action Learning Sets.


The workshop aims to:

  • Introduce participants to the theory and format of Action Learning Sets
  • Provide a grounding in coaching and other skills necessary for working in a Set
  • Introduce the GROW problem-solving model
  • Apply Action Learning theory, format and skills to enhance individual reflection, learning and development.


Participants will gain:

  • A grounding in the theory, practice and applications of Action Learning
  • The format of how Sets work and the different roles in a Set (Presenter, Set member, Facilitator)
  • Practice in Set skills, including coaching
  • Key transferable skills, including powerful listening and questioning techniques.

9.00 am – 1.00 pm  or 2.00 – 5.00 pm

There will be some preparatory work, designed to maximise the learning on the day.


  • The history, theory and applications of Action Learning Sets
  • Ground rules: agreeing the ‘contract’ in the Set
  • Listening skills: levels of listening; listening beyond the words
  • Questioning skills: creating and using powerful questions
  • Following the Presenter’s agenda: identifying and exploring the problem
  • Debriefing: the importance of reflection in Action Learning
  • Practice Sets: practising roles of Presenter and Set member.


“The sessions on introducing staff to Action Learning fully fulfilled my objectives and will lead to increased participation in future Sets. Jan and Sue’s style of training both helps to develop skills and encourages participation. This results in very effective training.”

Sean Cunningham, Department of Social and Family Affairs, Dublin

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