New Manager Programme

The Programme

A short Programme of 4 – 6 days (or equivalent half-days).  Participants meet once a month and work in a small group with an experienced trainer.  Using Action Learning as the format, we integrate coaching, critical thinking and models of management in an encouraging and confidential setting.

Participants work with each other, bringing real workplace issues to discuss in the group with a view to learning from each other and finding creative solutions.

A detailed evaluation enables participants to reflect on their developing skills and applying them in their day-to-day work.

Case study

First time managers at a London borough council, working in a highly pressured environment with little opportunity to step back and reflect.  They met once a month for 6 months in order to identify learning needs, bring management issues to discuss and share knowledge and expertise.  Supportive information on competencies was provided by sponsor senior managers.  The group tailored the Action Learning format to suit their needs and used a combination of coaching, feedback and information sharing.  The final 3 meetings included opportunities for each participant to facilitate the whole group, with supportive feedback from the trainer and group colleagues.

Outcomes included: understanding how to use coaching to enable delegation and staff development; bringing new perspectives and ‘critical’ thinking to aid problem solving; creating a strong and continuing support network with colleagues and developing valuable transferable skills (feedback, reflection, self-awareness, active listening).  The facilitator skills they learned helped them to work more productively with their teams and with colleagues.

Participants report:

  • I’m using questions to help direct reports to solve problems and take ownership
  • My 1:2:1s are more productive and my reports are really opening up
  • I’ve now got some effective ways of giving constructive feedback and having constructive dialogue with team members
  • I’m able to assess my own projects and blockers and find solutions.

How would your people benefit from having regular space to reflect and learn from each other? For more information and to arrange a no-obligation chat, please phone Jan on 0800 093 7388 or email.